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    Dustin Peck Photography
  • For thirty years Dustin Peck has captured life with the lens of his camera. For those clients whose story he tells at a local and national level, Dustin specializes in interior design, architectural as well as human and lifestyle photography. Realizing the vision of each client is the result of … being a good listener, exceptional equipment, problem solving skills, a checked ego, and complete fastidiousness.

    A Charlotte photographer who is in love with his job, he easily  accommodates a client base from across the state – from Raleigh to Greensboro, Wilmington, Wilson, Charlotte, and Asheville. He attributes his success to his desire to engage the viewer. “I photograph as though I were in the room, not from the outside looking in. I want the viewer to want to be there. You can’t do that shooting from the outside or from above. My goal is also to get everything as perfect as humanly possible. That also includes color and lighting.”

    Dustin’s clients include magazines, designers, builders and architects. Too often rooms are photographed from the same angles. Dustin’s clients value the fact that his creative perspective means that he is more likely to select positions others might overlook, thus creating greater interest in the space.

  • View Photo Gallery
  • Charlotte photographer Dustin Peck captures the story of interior design and fine architecture with the lens of his camera
  • Dustin Peck Photography

  • Dustin Peck
    1124 South Mint Street
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    Charlotte, NC 28226

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