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  • Carter Skinner Residential Design

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  • With artistry and classic detail, Raleigh residential designer Carter Skinner enhances and celebrates the site, surroundings and lives of his clients. Specializing in the custom residential design of new construction, renovations and additions, Carter brings character to Raleigh architecture by focusing on proportion, scale, materials, and craftsmanship – as well as the details of daily living. His portfolio is a visual expression of classical architecture which is timeless and in scale to each locale.

    The vision of each client is first detailed in beautiful hand drawings. Upon completion, the project is highlighted by refined elements, well-proportioned spaces, curved shapes and an exterior that is appropriately fitted to the landscape. By giving careful consideration to the features of the site, Carter is able to take full advantage of a home’s relationship with its natural surroundings. He is known for his ability to transform a difficult or restrictive lot into one of the most inspiring aspects of the design.

    A consummate professional who is recognized for his positive influence on Raleigh architecture and beyond, Carter is sought after by builders, designers and homeowners throughout the Southeast. The homes of Carter Skinner Residential Design distinctively draw attention, while maintaining the look of always having been there.

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  • The tradition of classically detailed homes that are custom tailored to their surroundings and the clients' way of living
  • Carter Skinner Residential Design

  • Carter Skinner
    2609 Atlantic Avenue
    Suite 205
    Raleigh, NC 27604

    (919) 821-2900