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    Creations Cabinetry & Design
  • At Creations Cabinetry & Design, we believe that purchasing cabinets for your home is not like buying a card table or dining room set.  You can't simply compare prices and choose the one that requires the lowest investment. Because of the many types of home styles and the range of design expertise within the companies, there’s is no easy way to compare apples to apples. Apples to limes is more like it.

    Just like artists, each cabinet designer will have a creative mindset. This means that if you were to talk to several different kitchen designers, each will probably design a completely different solution to your problem. And just like artists, each designer will have his or her own taste and skill level. 
    This is where we differentiate ourselves from the competition. Lisa Carley, our lead designer has a Bachelor's degree in Interior Design and Architecture. This makes her uniquely qualified to handle the design of your kitchen and bath, as well as your cabinetry needs through out the house. Form must follow function, and Lisa demonstrates that she knows what it takes to make your kitchen work well for you and and also look beautiful.

    Creations Cabinetry and Design represents several different lines of cabinetry and we work closely with you to create projects on time and within budget. We look forward to the opportunity to assist you with your projects.

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  • Each project for your home is beautifully and professionally designed by an architectural and structural engineer
  • Creations Cabinetry & Design

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