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    Kevin Carpenter Interiors
  • Charlotte interior designer Kevin Carpenter has captured the essence of high-end clients throughout the Southeast for more than twenty years. Whether he is successfully transforming an outdated kitchen or completely designing interiors for multi-million dollar projects, Kevin is focused on making sure that the outcome matches the needs and style of his clients. His versatile body of work ranges from modern to traditional and from eclectic to stately. While Kevin can arrange French antiques with his eyes closed, and distinguish silk from linen at a whiff, he believes that good design is possible in any price range.

    A master of proportion, scale and color, the Charlotte interior designer uses his talent to bring his client’s vision to reality. Like fine paintings, great interiors are marked by the artist’s mastery of space. Kevin understands how to seamlessly meld form with function, adding color to define personality. The use of subtle neutrals may convey a quiet atmosphere or modern hues may demand attention – but whatever the quality, each room is perfectly designed to enhance the owner’s unique  character and style. 

    Kevin’s clients have placed extraordinary confidence in his guidance, returning again and again for new projects. He listens carefully and can pinpoint problem areas or key ways to refresh an interior. His adjunct design business, Black Pine Studio, provides clients another option in design services available. As always, Kevin's reward is in the outcome.

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  • Versatile Charlotte interior designer whose body of work ranges from modern to traditional and from eclectic to stately
  • Kevin Carpenter Interiors

  • Kevin Carpenter
    1133 Metropolitan Avenue
    # 303
    Charlotte, NC 28204

    (704) 488-0528