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  • Eddie Rider Designs

    Raleigh, Wilmington Interior Design

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    Eddie Rider Designs
  • Eddie Rider Designs is an innovative and detail oriented Raleigh interior design firm that is committed to making the design of your home creative, cost efficient and fun. With a growing client base in both Raleigh and Wilmington, the firm also addresses the needs of clients along the East Coast.

    As one of North Carolina’s premier interior designers, Eddie offers his passion for detail in turn-key interior design and furnishing. What sets the designer apart is his ability to step in and manage pre-construction planning and material selections for his clients. Constructing a custom home involves many choices – cabinetry, plumbing, flooring, lighting… your options are endless. Eddie is your advocate, making sure the selections meet your design goals. Through his network of professional resources, he is able to present his clients with better priced resources that otherwise would not be identified.

    From high-end Manhattan apartments, to downtown Raleigh condominiums, to tranquil Wilmington retreats, Eddie has combined many resources in creating some truly amazing spaces. Learn how our design services can deliver your vision the first time and actually save you money in the long-run.

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  • Premier Raleigh interior design firm providing turn-key design, pre-construction planning & material selections for clients
  • Eddie Rider Designs

  • Eddie Rider
    100 Okamato Street
    Raleigh, NC 27603

    (919) 332-3368