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  • Merge-Tech

    Winston-Salem, Greensboro Home Electronics

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  • Merge-Tech is an award winning Winston-Salem custom home theater team of experienced audio visual professionals who also specialize in design and integration of Intelligent Controls, Multimedia Distribution, Auditoriums, Board Rooms, Security and CCTV, Networking and Communications, and Lighting Control. We address new and existing structures with a specific focus on energy savings. Our team works closely with residential and commercial owners, contractors, architects, and interior designers with the goal of “bringing it all together”. Throughout the Carolinas, Merge-Tech sets the standard for professionalism, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

    Merge-Tech offers a wide range of solutions to accommodate all your home and business needs. In today’s digital world it is often difficult to operate all of the systems you encounter on a regular basis. Our mission is to provide solutions tailored to meet your needs and expectations for simple, intuitive control, eliminating the need for multiple complicated remote controls. By “merging technologies” we give your family or employees the ability to easily interact with technology and provide a friendlier, more entertaining experience.

    Intelligent Controls - Easy, intuitive interfaces for all levels of technology. Our controls take the guesswork out of operating even the most complicated systems. We make the various subsystems to work together simplifying the experience and giving you infinite power over your investment.

    Custom Theaters - From a 500-seat auditorium to a cozy dedicated room in your home, we have the experience to create the ultimate theater room. Our staff has won a number of CEDIA awards and is capable of taking your vision from start to finish. Some of our theaters have been featured in magazines, coffee table books, and various manufacturer advertisements.

    Multimedia Distribution - Why have multiple audio and video devices scattered all over the place? Now you can have all of your content originate from one head-end closet, out of sight-out of mind. Our distributed content systems eliminate the need for multiple, expensive components at each TV location. Together with our Intelligent Controls your music and video is at your fingertips.

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  • Custom designing media rooms, home theaters, home audio, lighting controls and complete home automation across North Carolina
  • Merge-Tech

  • Ron Schwartz
    204 Fair Oaks Lane
    Winston-Salem, NC 27127

    (336) 771-3000